Sunday, July 29, 2018
By David  Fresquez

The Home Selling Process can seem quite daunting to many homeowners, even those who have been through it before. And if you knew everything that went on behind the scenes of a successful sale, it actually can be. But that’s why you hire a really good San Diego listing agent. You shouldn’t have to worry about every single thing that goes on. However, it is wise that you have a good, general understanding of what goes on and that’s why I created this info-graphic. It’s also probably why you came to this article to begin with.


Take plenty of time to do your homework; this is the most important decision you’ll make when selling your home. A great Realtor will tell you about their marketing plan, talk to you about the market, and will be honest with you about what you home is worth. Oh, and it helps to like them, too.


Next you’ll meet your REALTOR at your home where they’ll do a tour and talk to you about the pluses and minuses of your house. You’ll go over comps, sales price, and other pertinent data and you may even end up with a list of “to-dos” such as de-cluttering, painting, and performing a few repairs.


Yes, you need a stager. Statistics show all homes, not just vacant ones, sell faster and for a higher price when staged. A professional stager can help you fine-tune your home’s aesthetic, and most of the time they can work with what you already have. There’s typically no need to reinvent the wheel, just to paint your home in its best light.


It is imperative your home be photographed by a professional home photographer before hitting the market. Your home will be competing with thousands of others and now that most buyers find their home online, these pictures matter. You may even consider some overhead drone photos and/or a 3D walk-through, too.


Once you’ve done your homework, the REALTOR you’ve chosen will begin to effectively market your home. (You chose a listing agent with a superior marketing plan, right?) Your home will go on the MLS where everyone can see it. Depending on your agent, you might see your home featured on local real estate sites, in magazines, or even on social media.


Once you officially place your home on the market you should begin getting requests for showings. If you’re not, you may want to consider if it’s been overpriced or if there’s some other detractor keeping it from measuring up. Showings should, of course, result in offers. If you have a ton of showings but no offers, your REALTOR should be able to provide you with answers and a plan of action.


This is why you hired that experienced agent! You and your broker will go over all the offers and decide which is the best together. They should clearly explain to you the pros and cons of each segment of the offer so you can make an informed decision. From there, your agent will negotiate with the buyer’s agent on your behalf to get you the most favorable terms and the most money possible.


After an offer is accepted, the buyer will have a period of time to perform due diligence. This can include inspections, property surveys, appraisals, loan questions, etc., and it’s your responsibility to make your home available for this purpose. From here, your agent will likely go back to the negotiating table over any requested repairs or credits and amend the Offer to Purchase and Contract if necessary.


This is the buyer’s last chance to walk through the home before they close. This will typically take place the day or evening before closing, but the timing is flexible. They’ll want to make sure that all agreed upon repairs were made, that there were no hidden defects, and just to get comfortable with the idea of such a big purchase. It’s a big step for them, too!


It’s official! This is the day you sell your house. You and the buyer will (likely) meet at the escrow office where your broker will be on-hand. You’ll sign a mountain of paperwork and typically, any money resulting from the sale will be wired to your account and/or to the bank to satisfy your mortgage.



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